Friday, October 3, 2008

Homeschool Reviews

I found out a couple weeks ago that I get to be a part of the focus group for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine testing and reviewing new products. So as part of the focus group, they will be sending me new products from a bunch of different vendors to review-- up to 50 over the next year-- and giving me the chance to do some giveaways.

I am really excited to get to try a bunch of products, several are things I've considered, but not wanted to buy without seeing or reading more about. My husband says that in the long run, it will probably just end up introducing me to more companies and costing me money, but it will be fun. :)

If you are interested in the everyday aspect of my life with kids, things like birthdays, accidents, and the funny things they say, you can find those on my other blog:

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