Friday, January 2, 2009

Kinderbach--online piano lessons

I want my kids to learn to play the piano, but lessons are SO expensive, especially when you multiply that by several children. (especially if they don't practice regularly, like me growing up.)

One of the programs I was given the chance to review, Kinderbach, is a realistic solution. Kinderbach offers 2 years, or 60 weeks, of online music lessons for children ages 2-7. We've completed the first several weeks of lessons and I'm impressed so far. Jeanisha, who is 3 1/2, has started recognizing beat and it thrilled to be able to play a couple of songs on the piano like her big brothers. Tyler is 6 1/2 and loved the lessons. This was the first time he had shown ANY interest in the piano. Ryan is 8 and the only one who has had piano lessons. Having the other kids wanting time at the piano also made him want to practice more.

The lessons are short, cute, and interactive. Each one has something for the kids to do along with the video. It may be a coloring page you print out, or using rythum instruments to count out the beat, or a song to practice on a keyboard or piano. My kids loved this and learned a good bit. We tended to do a weeks lesson in one sitting, instead of breaking it into 4 parts. When I would start it, all of the kids, including Ryan who knows how to play the piano would want to watch.

The program is reasonably priced, at $14.95 per month or $85.95 for a year (which is only $7.16 per month, cheaper than one weekly lesson in my area). And one subscription is all you need for your whole family, just keep track of which lesson different children are on.

Check this one out, you can try the first two weeks of lessons for free here.

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