Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Factor Tree

I was given a free trial of a new online math program through BzzAgent. As a homeschool mom with lots of kids, I was hoping this would be something wonderful for math like has been for reading. Unfortunately, it did not meet my expectations. The program is boring, like a bunch of worksheets that never end. Even my worksheet, busy working daughter was bored. I've tried lots of programs to motivate kids to learn, and this is one I would avoid! Unless they add something engaging and fun to motivate the kids, I'll stick with worksheets. At least then they get a sticker.

Another math site that is pretty good is, but it only starts with 3rd grade. It is also problem focused, but at least gives the kids some choice about what topics to cover!

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Anonymous said...

I noticed you mentioned reading eggs and I'd love your opinion on the program.

My 2-year-old is fascinated by letters and their sounds. I've planned to start really teaching him sounds next fall (he will be barely 3 then), but I want to keep it fun and light.

I have been looking into the Explode the Code A, B, and C and he already loves starfall. Reading eggs seems like it might also be a fun program for him, and I think my 4 and 6 year olds would enjoy it as well.

Anyway, I'd love your thoughts on this program. Do you just have the online subscription or did you buy the flashcards, reading packs, etc as well? Can more than one child use the online subscriptions? I love your thoughts because I always trust your opinion. :)


Melissa :)