Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tapestry of Grace and LDS doctrine

I have previously considered Tapestry of Grace as an option for my family, but could not find any information about how it dealt with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS), my religion. When I was given the option of choosing a unit to review, I deliberately chose Year 3, Unit 3, which covers 1825-1850, the time when the LDS church was restored. I went carefully through this unit and asked other reviewers to check theirs, and found nothing that prevent me from using this curriculum with my family. The LDS church is only covered in a 3 week study of the Mormons at the Rhetoric, or oldest, level of the curriculum. I would probably substitute LDS written church history books for one lesson is this unit and possibly expand it to cover LDS history more completely during this time period, although most LDS youth will probably already be quite familiar with those events by that age.

While the LDS church is presented fairly, Tapestry of Grace does include phrases like "Joseph Smith CLAIMED he saw" and discussions about polygomy with typical misconceptions. One activity has the student basically go through the Articles of Faith and evaluate each statement based on what the Bible says. I feel this would be a valuable activity for Rhetoric aged students to examine how other churches perceive our beliefs and to learn how to defend them.

My complete review of Tapestry of Grace as a curriculum can be found here.

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Sarah said...

I have been considering Tapestry of Grace myself and wondered about how compatible it was with and LDS worldview. Thank you for posting this review. I have a copy of classic version of TOG year 1, and was a bit put off by a paragraph in the indroductory materials that mentioned Mormon and New Age religion in the same breath--as adhering to a similar world view. The program looks excellent and like something I would like to use if I don't have to do too much modification.