Thursday, April 9, 2009

WriteShop Primary Book A

My boys struggle with writing, so I was excited to review WriteShop's new Primary Book, Level A. I reviewed WriteShop StoryBuilder cards here and my boys have continued to enjoy them.

Level A is geared for K-2nd grade with 2 more books coming soon that will extend the program through 3rd grade. It assumes you will be doing much of the physical writing for your child. I found the book to be very adaptable and have been using it with 3 of my children.

Jeanisha is an advanced 4 year old, working at a PreK or Kindergarten level. As written, with mom doing most of the handwriting, the program is great for her. The reproducible worksheets (that you buy separately) are probably closest to her level, but I didn't find them very useful. They are fine as a supplement, but I wouldn't consider them essential to the program, especially if you are using other handwriting or phonics program that involve writing. We are following the three-week schedule per lesson for her.

The 2nd child I used it with is Tyler, who is working at a solid 1st grade level. We would do the activities as outlined and then I would have him copy his story from my handwriting into his. We are following the two-week schedule for him that will cover Book A is 20 weeks.

Ryan is in third grade and is older than the program is geared toward, however, he is not a strong writer and is benefitting from the program as well. We are moving at a faster pace, about one week per lesson. I am requiring him to do all of the handwriting. He is also extending the guided writing activities by adding 2-3 additional sentences that are related to the topic.

WriteShop Primary Book A sells for $26.95. The recommended reproducible worksheets sale for $4.95. Both are also available as an e-book for slightly less, plus no shipping. You can see a full sample lesson which should give you a pretty good idea of how the program works.

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