Monday, November 3, 2008

Fun Children's Nativity Set

I love Nativity Sets and have collected several over the years, including a couple that I would let the kids play with, but none of the" play" sets even compare to the one I was sent by

It comes with 17 hard plastic (PVC) pieces ranging in height from about 5 inches for the stable to 3 inches for the people. It includes Joseph, Mary, baby Jesus and a manger of hay, 3 wisemen, 2 Angels, 2 Shepherds, a camel, a donkey, male and female sheep, a stable, and a palm tree. The box says it is for ages 3+, but Adam (20 months) has really enjoyed playing right along with and the older kids (8,6,3). Jeanisha and Adam have spent hours playing with it and it is probably their favorite toy at the moment. Ryan and Tyler are much more accurate and specific about acting out the story, even sending the wisemen clear across the room to slowly work their way over to the stable.

The included story book is pretty lame, it's only about 1 inch by 3 inches with only text, no pictures. But for us, that hasn't been a big deal because we have several other books telling the nativity story and the kids know the story very well anyway. Our Joseph does tend to fall over if you stand him up on carpet, so he always has to stand propped in the stable and the top came off our tree and needed glued back on. Other than that, the playset is very well made and very sturdy. The only other piece that I think could possibly come off and be a choking hazard is the star above the stable, but ours is very firmly attached. The figures are fun and their are enough that several of the kids can play together.

I'll post some pictures of mine too, but here is a picture from the company website.

So, if you are looking for a fun, kid-friendly nativity, I would highly recommend this one. It has defidently passed the "kid" test.

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