Monday, November 3, 2008

Novel: The Missing Link: Found

"The Missing Link: Found" is the first book in the Truth Seekers Mystery Series written by Christina and Felice Gerwitz. It is published by, a company that publishes Christian oriented fiction for teens. "The Missing Link" was written by a homeschool mom and her daughter and the kids in the book are very strong Christian homeschooled kids.

The book is a mystery story with a subplot about finding a fossilized man who provides the missing evolutionary link between apes and man. Both viewpoints of creationism and evolution are thoroughly discussed and explained. There was so much of this discussion in the first/middle part of the book that I felt it was overdone. The storyline seemed to be bogged down for awhile, but picked up again after that. There was nothing in the book that went against LDS doctrine, but there was a fair amount of evangelism and there several references to coffee and tea that you wouldn't find in an LDS novel.

Overall, I think most homeschooled Christian teenagers would enjoy this book and read it quite quickly just as a fun, clean novel. It could also be used to springboard a discussion about evolution and creationism as both viewpoints are presented quite well.

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