Wednesday, December 17, 2008


ALEKS is an online math program that is aligned to general state standards for 3rd grade and up. We used it last year with Ryan and he enjoyed it. It is best for review once or twice a week and for making sure you haven't missed something they should have learned, like acute and obtuse triangles. :) The student has a pie graph that fills in as they pass off different topics. Ryan really liked watching his pie fill in and he liked that he didn't have to do a ton of problems on things he knew before it filled in. Where we only used it about once a week, he was asked to reconfirm that he still remembered the things from past sessions each time, which he got a little frustrated with, but would be helpful if you have a student who doesn't retains things well or if you were using this as a primary math program.

On their website, ALEKS offers a free 48 hour trial, but if you use the following link, you can get a free one month trial. Enjoy.

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