Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Alphabet Alley

Finding well made games for little hands can sometimes be a challenge, so I was excited to get to review 2 games by Alphabet Alley. The two games we received were Noah's Ark Two by Two Matching game and Noah's Ark Go Fish. Jeanisha who is 3 1/2 loved them both!

We played the matching game by putting all the animals face up first because we hadn't played memory with her yet. She loved the cute animal drawings and actually spent a good bit of time just arranging and rearranging the animals to board the ark.

The boys wanted to play with her and set it up basic memory style and I was surprised at how well she did. (Other than being a little possessive about "her" animals.) The cards are a very thick, sturdy cardboard that have held up well. There are 12 pairs, 11 animals and the arks. I have even let Adam (21 months) play with them, lining them up and "marching" them onto the ark. They are the perfect size for little hands, the drawings are cute, and I'm sure we will get hours of use out of it. The Two By Two matching game sells for $10.99.

The Noah's Ark Go Fish game has also been fun. The cards are durable, the animals and Noah are cute, and I like that they have numbers and words on the cards as well. Jeanisha thought it was fun to "Read" what the different animals were. This game retails for $5.99.

These games are a fun way to reinforce Bible stories during play. Alphabet Alley also carries other Bible story magnet and sticker sets.

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