Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Rime to Read Review

Rime To Read is an on-line reading program that teaches by using stories that use the same type of words (IE: cat, sat, rat-- words that look and sound alike). This program is for a beginning reader, who knows letter sounds and is starting to blend sounds together. The program comes with 20 books in the complete set. The books are online and can each be printed ONCE for a hard copy. Each reader is 10-12 pages. Online, most words are clickable, allowing the child to hear the word being read and helping them feel like a successful reader-- which is half the battle in learning to read. I think the program works well for kids who are just learning and want to read "real" stories. The fact that it is on the computer may also be a draw for some kids. It was too hard for Jeanisha (3) to navigate herself, but Tyler (6) was happy to help. The stories were too easy for him, but still good review. The stories captured their attention and interest.

Rime to Read costs $9.99 for a set of 4 vowel books or $44.99 for all 20 books. This is a ONE time fee (lifetime) and the online readers can be used for other children in the family, but each book can only be printed once. The program is supplemental, not a complete reading program, but it might be the perfect thing for instilling confidence in a new reader.

Click Here to visit their Website.

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