Monday, March 30, 2009

Action Figures for All Ages

We recently received a set of animal figures from Schleich to review and I am SO impressed. These are collectible-quality, hand-painted figures!!! Schleich figurines have been around since the 1950's and have stood the test of time. We received the Swabian-Hall Pig, the Swabian-Hall piglet, the Indian Elephant, the lying down lion cub, the Two-Humped Camel, and the Percheron Foal. One thing I loved was that the animals are correctly scaled-- no more pigs the size of elephants!!! The piglet was our smallest figure 5x3x3 cm, and the African Elephant was our biggest 16 x 5 x 11 cms. The detail on these figures is AMAZING; the foal has little tiny horseshoes and you can even tell the gender of your animals.

My kids fell in love with them instantly and they've been played with every day since. They have taken up residence on top of the piano and they are cute enough that I don't mind having them in our more formal living room.

My two-year-old has been hovering around as I type this, pointing to the pictures and saying, "That mine, that mine." They are his favorite toys.

Along with our animals we received a little catalog showing the different animals Schleich makes and it is starting to become dog-earred as the kids try to choose their favorites and droll over the different animals. Schleich also make knights, elves, dinosaurs, Smurfs, historical figures and others. You can browse their selection online and order online or buy them at local Target stores,, or specialty toy retailers. Prices range from $2.49 to $6.49.

These animals are keepers and I'm sure we will be adding to our collection shortly as the kids have each already made their wishlists of animals they want to collect. These animals are collector quality, but kid friendly, perfect for all ages!

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Janet said...

Chris loves his Schleich Clydesdales. They get a ton of play time! It's simple for him to tell the stallion from the mare. The color is fairly correct. They also seem much sturdier than his Breyer horses. So far- no broken legs, and we've had them since Christmas!