Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Noah's Ark

The kids and I were all very excited when I found out that I was going to get to review another product made by One2Believe. The kids loved the nativity set we reviewed before Christmas that they still ask to play with it even with Christmas long passed. (That review is here.)

I love the idea of giving the kids Bible and scripture oriented toys to play with and reinforce those stories. Unfortunately, we had a few problems with our Noah's ark. Ours came with a missing lion and an extra monkey. I emailed the company and they said they would send a replacement lion, but it never came. The ark does open to hold the animals, but it is too hard for my kids to open and close it on their own.

One thing my kids DID really like about the ark was that it really floats. They are making plans to float it down the little ditch behind our house this summer. Adam (2) really liked all the animals and even started taking an ostrich and a camel to bed with him. He carried the elephants around all the time too. The older boys liked the ostriches and monkeys, but were a little turned off by the elephants--ours were purple and they couldn't see past that.

Another concern as Noah's staff, which comes out and could pose a choking hazard. I just removed it. My kids did spend a good amount of time playing with the set. They pulled out all the other animals they could find and created quite the animal parade to the ark. I liked that One2Believe had some less common animals, like ostriches and camels, included in the set.

Overall, this is a fun toy for in the bathtub where the floating aspect makes it a winner, but it's not the easiest for the kids to use on their own.

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