Saturday, March 7, 2009

Artistic Pursuits

These are one of the best art books I've used! I love how they have everything collected that I need. I have used the K-3 level books 1 and 2. Artistic Pursuits also carries books for Preschool, Upper Elementary, Junior High,and High School. I am NOT talented with art. I know the names of some famous artists and recognize a few famous works of art, but I sometimes struggle with the amount of prior knowledge art curriculum expects the teacher to have. With Artistic Pursuits, I am able to learn right along with the kids. The lessons follow a See, Learn, Do format. Book 1 (K-3) covers what artists see, what artists do, and early art (such as cave art, greek pottery, stained glass).

Book 2 introduces students to the stories of artists and their art. First we read and talk about an artist, we see an example of their work, and then the student does a project connected to what they learned. My kids have really enjoyed the projects and tried the techniques they learned again later on their own. You can find samples on the website.

The only negative I have for this program is that it recommends REAL art supplies, which can be expensive. There are links to discount art suppliers on the website, and for some projects we used the lower quality items we already had on hand. The teacher notes help you know exactly what to have on hand with which lesson and keep prep time to a minimum. I like that it includes art history and hands on projects. It is not too time consuming or in-depth for young students.

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